Product details of Taaza Brooke Bond Tea Poly – 400gm

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  • Product Type: Tea
  • Brand: Taaza
  • Product Weight: 0.4
  • Fresh taste
  • Contains Theanine
  • Selected from the finest tea gardens of Bangladesh
  • Helps clear your mind

Taaza Brooke Bond Tea

When life asks for more, all you need is a little Taaza.
Brooke Bond Taaza stands for premium quality and refreshment, bringing in the world famous tea blending expertise and heritage of the Brooke Bond House. Brooke Bond Taaza consistently delivers its promise of freshness. The Heritage of the Brooke Bond house stands tall since 1869 till date and provides a superior cup of tea.
Brooke Bond Taaza contains Theanine and the natural goodness of tea that helps to clear your mind and enable you to manage the demands of everyday life. This tea is perfect for those Spirited Aspirers who believe that the brighter future of their family is the center of their universe.
The whole journey of Brooke Bond Taaza from LEAF TO LIP is phenomenal and combines science with art. Each leaf from which Brooke Bond Taaza is made is selected from the finest tea gardens of Bangladesh. Our world-class tea tasters and expert’s blend the tea that results in the exceptional color, superior taste and impeccable aroma of each “Dana” of our brand. Strong processes ensure that the quality remains consistent throughout the year. Taaza makes sure that this phenomenal journey also resonates in every end cup as absolute refreshment!
Nothing refreshes like a cup of Brooke Bond Taaza tea to take on the everyday demanding moments of life. Brooke Bond Taaza as a brand believes in creating a brighter world for future generations by doing more with less and that is at the core of what we do.
Brooke Bond Taaza tea contains high quality fresh tea leaves packed with all natural goodness for refreshment that gives you energy boost instantly. Buy this 400gm pack of Brooke Bond Taaza Tea from Daraz and enjoy a fresh tea experience for as long as you wish!

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